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19 0306 Rev 8 10 03 1 A Supply Current True 3V to 5 5V RS 232 Transceivers with AutoShutdown The MAX3221 MAX3223 MAX3243 achieve 1 A supply current with Maxim s revolutionary AutoShutdown feature When the MAX3221 MAX3223 MAX3243 do not sense a valid signal level on their receiver inputs the on board power supply and drivers shut down This occurs if the RS 232 cable is disconnected or if the transmitters of the connected peripheral are turned off The system turns on again when a valid level is applied to any RS 232 receiver input As a result the system saves power without changes to the existing BIOS or operating system The MAX3221 MAX3223 MAX3243 transceivers are 3Vpowered EIA TIA 232 and V 28 V 24 communications interfaces intended for notebook computer applications A proprietary high efficiency dual charge pump power supply and a low dropout transmitter combine to deliver true RS 232 performance from a single 3 0V to 5 5V supply A guaranteed data rate of 120kbps provides compatibility with popular software for communicating with personal computers The MAX3221 MAX3223 MAX3243 require only 0 1 F capacitors in 3 3V operation and can operate from input voltages ranging from 3 0V to 5 5V They are ideal for 3 3V only systems mixed 3 3V and 5 0V systems or 5 0V only systems that require true RS 232 performance The MAX3221 is a 1 driver 1 receiver 16 pin SSOP version of the 20 pin MAX3223 2 driver 2 receiver The MAX3243 3 driver 5 receiver complete serial port is ideal for notebook or subnotebook computers The MAX3243 includes one complementary always active receiver This receiver can monitor an external device such as a modem in shutdown without forward biasing the protection diodes in a UART that may have VCC completely removed MAX3221 Tx 1 Rx 1 For Integrated ESD Protection MAX3222E MAX3232E MAX3237E MAX3241E MAX3246E 15kV ESD Protected Down to 10nA 3 0V to 5 5V Up to 1Mbps True RS 232 Transceivers MAX3246E Available in UCSP Package For Low Voltage or Data Cable

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