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From cave paintings to Facebook media systems influence people s thoughts and actions Media Cycle In Four Acts Students and citizens need relatively simple approaches to explore and understand the process Media Cycle 0 Media Cycle 1 Media Product Media Production Media is produced Media Production Some type of product is the result Media Cycle 2 Media Cycle 3 Media Product Media Production Media Product Media Interpretation Media Production Media Interpretation Culture The product is read watched used meaning is attached to it Media Cycle 4 Media Product Media Production People maintain and change their culture Using the Media Cycle 1 Select a specific media context for analysis Media Interpretation Culture The culture establishes conditions for media production 2 Proceed through the cycle addressing issues that are pertinent to your analysis 3 Each of the four stages has multiple considerations as we shall see Media Cycle Use 1 Media Cycle Use 2 Media Production Media Product Policies norms motives institutional structure and behavior of producers sometimes multiple types Funding e g advertising based or foundation grants Facilities Technological and other support Skilled people writers etc and other resources Access to distribution channels The artifact itself the content a play book song tv show etc The means of presenting the artifact for example on the stage the theater tickets etc or in a book form The physical and other forms it takes Its affordances what people are encouraged to do with it what people can do with it Ownership Replicability Repurposing Media Cycle Use 3 Media Cycle Use 4 Media Interpretation Culture and Society User and non user demographics who when where why and how Physical and other types of access Language and cultural literacy Social setting Personality of user motivation disposition Social frames Individual frames Personal biases interests and skills e g cognitive ability Social structure Economic political legal structure Social

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