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Active Learning Product ALP Design Methodology Active learning products ALPs are hands on lessons demonstratives manipulatives multi media tools short projects and homework activities that provide alternative approaches and complementary material to typical lectures or textbook materials on STEM topics ALPs are meant to address the variety of learning styles and personality types of students The purpose of this methodology is to systematically guide the process of developing ALPs This methodology assists in making the development process efficient and effective for instructors with any background 2 Define Educational Goals based on a Developer Experience In what areas do the students need to improve What are the overall goals of the class b Educational Theories What level of Bloom s Taxonomy does the goal work towards Will the goals appeal to all Felder s learning styles What part of the Kolb cycle is the goal striving to improve LEARNING STYLES AND STRATEGIES Felder 6 SENSING INTUITIVE VISUAL VERBAL SEQUENTIAL GLOBAL Overviewof Bloom s Taxonomy Name Description Knowledge List or recite Comprehension Explain or paraphrase Application Calculate solve determine or apply Analysis Compare contrast classify categorize derive model Synthesis Create invent predict construct design imagine improve produce propose Evaluation Judge se lect decide critique justify verify debate assess recommend Concrete Experience dissection reverse engineering case studies 4 Active Experimentation lab experiments teardown testing simulations What If Information REFLECTIVE 1 Why Reflective Observation Process Information discussions journals perturbations individual activities 3 2 How Take In Level 1 2 3 4 5 ACTIVE What Abstract Hypothesis and Conceptualization modeling analysis theory Example Application Learning Objectives Created for Axial and Torsional Loading 1 2 3 4 5 To be able to identify axial and torsional loading conditions To be able reduce the loads and geometry of the real

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