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PreCalculus Review Exam I 1 Solve the folowing equations for all solutions real and complex a 3x2 17x 6 b x2 4x 8 0 3x2 x 7 0 x4 5x2 36 0 2 Determing the vertex point of the parabola y x2 3x 4 and two points on the parabola one on the left and one on the right of the vertex 3 Given that the vertex of the parabola is 2 3 and 1 4 is another point on the parabola graph determine the function 4 Find the center and the radius of the circle x2 y 2 6x 3y 1 5 Determine the equation of the line passing through the points 2 1 and 4 9 6 A rectangle has a perimeter of 60 ft and an area of 144 ft2 What are the dimensions length and width 7 A factory offers a retailer 100 calculators at 20 each but will reduce the price by 05 for each additional calculator over 100 but less than 300 What number of calculuators will produce the largest possible sales 8 Let f x x2 x and g x 1 and k x x 2 x a Is f x an even function Is f x an odd function b Is g x an even function Is g x an odd function c Determine f 2 g 2 k g 4 f g 2 g k 4 k k 2 f g 3 10 d Determine g 2 h g 2 and simplify h e Determine k 2 h k 2 and simplify h 9 If y g f 3 10 k f 0 f k 1 x 1 determine the inverse function 2x 3 10 Divide 3x4 2x3 x2 4x 1 x 2 11 Divide 2x5 3x4 x2 4x 5 x2 1 12 Show that 3 is a root of the polynomial 2x3 3x2 11x 6 and determine the other roots 13 Solve the inequalities x3 2x2 15x 0 2x 3 5 1 3 3 1 14 Give the quadratic equation whose roots are i and i 2 2 2 2 3x2 x 1 state the horizontal and vertical 15 For the rational function f x 2 x 2x 15 asymptotes

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