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AIAA 2010 4281 40th Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit 28 June 1 July 2010 Chicago Illinois High Fidelity Simulations and Low Order Modeling of a Rapidly Pitching Plate Jeff D Eldredge and Chengjie Wang Mechanical Aerospace Engineering University of California Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 90095 1597 USA A thin flat plate undergoing a rapid pitch up maneuver in a steady free stream is studied with both high fidelity numerical simulations at Reynolds number 1000 and a low order inviscid point vortex model The pitching rate and axis position are systematically varied and their effect on the generated aerodynamic forces is inspected It is found that the maximum lift and drag developed during the pitch up both increase nearly linearly with increasing pitch rate though the rates of increase diminish as the pitching axis is moved aft Furthermore the maximum lift to drag ratio tends to saturate with increasing pitch rate with the asymptotic value decreasing as the axis is moved aft The forces predicted by the low order inviscid Brown Michael model are compared with the high fidelity results Good qualitative agreement is achieved though the point vortex model tends to over predict both components of force The lift force obtained from the model is decomposed into inertial reaction and circulatory components and their relative contributions are inspected Nomenclature U V 0 Th 0 j j i j z a as c F F Fx Fy Plate centroid velocity components in z frame Plate angle Maximum angle of attack Duration of hold interval Nominal dimensional pitch rate Strength of vortex j Angular velocity of plate Angular coordinate in circle plane Complex coordinate in circle plane Position of vortex j in circle plane Position of image of vortex j in circle plane Plate fixed coordinates Half chord of plate Kinematic transition parameter Chord of plate Complex potentials in physical circle plane Components of force Associate Graduate Professor email eldredge seas ucla edu Member AIAA student 1 of 19

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