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Agenda for 17th Class Name plates out Personal Jurisdiction International Shoe General and Specific Jurisdiction Challenging jurisdiction McGee Hanson v Denkla Next Class Yeazell 103 112 Questions to think about Writing assignment Briefly summarize World Wide Volkswagen Yeazell pp 109ff 1c 4e Did the plaintiffs in World Wide Volkswagen sue in federal or state court How can you tell from the opinion itself not Yeazell s notes What is a writ of prohibition Why did the defendants seek one Who is Woodson How did he get in the case Questions on next page 1 Next Class continued Questions to think about continued There were four defendants in the original action Which of them challenged jurisdiction What if anything did the U S Supreme Court decide about jurisdiction over each of the four defendants If there were some defendants for whom the U S Supreme Court did not rule on personal jurisdiction how would you argue that the trial court had jurisdiction over them How would you argue that the trial court did not have jurisdiction over them Would the case have come out differently if the Robinsons had gotten into an accident in New Jersey and sued in a New Jersey court but the facts were otherwise the same Suppose the Robinsons had purchased their Audi in California from Pacific Audi in Torrance had gotten into an accident in California and sued Audi Volkswagen of America Pacific Volkswagen the regional distributor based in Nevada and Pacific Audi in a California court Would the California court have jurisdiction over all some or none of the defendants Note that there is a passage in the opinion which directly addresses this question Is it dicta 2 Last Class German Procedure Key differences No jury Judge chooses witnesses to question and questions them herself Judge chooses experts Judge chooses documents to request No trial Just sequence of hearings No duplication of testimony between discovery and trial Judicial control over sequence Coaching of witnesses not allowed No

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