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Oct 2011 Early Childhood Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction Assessment Plan NCATE Standard II Initial Teacher Education Program Bachelor s Degree Early childhood education ECED at NMSU is a Bachelor s Degree program leading to state licensure in New Mexico The program provides a unique opportunity to learn about interact with and gain competence in working with young children ages birth third grade and their families As a program area we are committed to supporting the diversity that exists within the children and families of our communities and to view that diversity as a strength on which educational experiences are built Transition Points The ECED program offers courses beginning at the 1oo level There are opportunities for teacher candidates to be assessed prior to formal entrance in the Teacher Education Program TEP The transition points for the Early Childhood Education teacher education program are unique due to the AA degree to BA degree statewide articulation between community colleges and main campus The transition points are as follows TEP ECED Clearance to apply to TEP program ECED 220 ECED 230 Entry Transitions Clearance for Student Teaching TEP ECED K 3rd STEP Admission Block in score 70 fall ECED 315 in spring Disposition Exit Points EDUC 315 515 EDUC 455 EDUC 470 Student teaching evaluation form Exit Competency Portfolio Rubric including EOSL 1 Oct 2011 Key Assessments The early childhood education faculty have chosen the following signature assignments to serve key assessments We use these assessments as a measure of student growth and progress in the program As a group faculty meet four times per semester to discuss individual student successes and challenges and where we might need to scaffold learning offer additional field based experiences or provide intervention Prior to TEP there are two curriculum and co requisite practice courses both with field based observation forms completed by cooperating teachers 1 Midterm Final

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