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DBQ 6 European Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century Adapted from Document Based Assessment for Global History Walch Education Historical Context Nationalism was the most powerful force in the 1800 s Beginning with the French Revolution of 1789 nationalism contributed to the unification of Italy and Germany in the nineteenth century At the same time ethnic unrest threatened to topple the Ottoman and the Austro Hungarian empires Nationalism also contributed to the outbreak of wars such as the Franco Prissoanm War and World War I Part A Analyze the following documents that provide information about nationalism as a force in nineteenth century Europe and answer the questions that follow Document 1 This excerpt is from the Levee en Masse French Revolution August 23 1793 The young men shall go forth to battle the married men will make arms and transport food the women will make tents uniforms and will serve in the hospitals the children will prepare lint from old linens the old men will gather in public places to raise the courage of the warriors to excite hatred of kings and to preach the unity of the Republic Question What was the impact on the French of the Levee en Masse Document 2 The Marseillaise the French national anthem arouses the emotions of the French during the revolution They must fight for their country Arise children of the fatherland Our day of glory has arrived Against us cruel tyrants Have raised their bloody flag Do you hear in the countryside Their fierce hired soldiers They come almost into your arms To attack your children and your fields Chorus To arms citizens Form your battalions March on march on To liberty or death Question What did the national anthem urge the French to do Document 3 This excerpt is from Count Cavour who was named prime minister of Piedmont Sardinia in 1852 As a diplomat he provided the brains of Italian unification We ardently wish to free Italy from foreign rule We want to drive out the foreigners not only because we want

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