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Chapter 13 Informative Speech Packet Assignment To research develop and deliver a 4 6 minute extemporaneous informative presentation complete with formal sentence outline MLA Works Cited and Visual Aids Topic Selection All Topics must be approved Topic may include any subject which increases the general knowledge of the audience Topic may not be of a persuasive nature Topic should be one which is appropriate and interesting for the target audience Research Research should be credible authoritative current and relevant for the topic Research should include at least three sources Research should be cited both vocally within the speech and in a MLA formatted works cited which should be at the end of the formal outline Development Research should be organized into a formal complete sentence outline Outline should follow a logical informative speech organizational plan Outline should precisely follow the example and guidelines required by the instructor Content Content should include elements of effective speech making o Introduction Attention getter preview thesis o Body Transitions Sign Posts Supporting Material o Conclusion Brakelight Recap Clincher Content should include a variety of support devices such as examples anecdotes statistics quotes compare contrast analogies and narration Each point should be fully supported Visual Aids Presentation should include at least three visual aids Visual aids should not be guided merely by number but by the need for visuals in the speech If a student uses PowerPoint which includes pictures graphs etc the student must still supply at least one additional visual aid such as a object poster or model Delivery Speaker should be thoroughly comfortable with content which shows evidence of thorough rehearsal Speaker should maintain appropriate eye contact vocal rate and volume Speaker should present a credible appearance in both dress and demeanor no jeans tennis shoes hats coats or slouchy appearance Speaker may use a single page of

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