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PROTECT YOURSELF PESTICIDE SAFETY Pesticides are designed to kill something Don t let it be you TOXICITY Pesticide s power to kill or cause serious damage to the body Acute toxicity after a single exposure or dose Symptoms occur within minutes of the exposure or up to 24 hours after the exposure has occurred Acute toxic effects are nearly always the result of an accident or careless handling Usually occurs with more toxic pesticides CHRONIC TOXICITY The delayed effects of regular repeated exposures over a long period of time Long term health effects Potential tumors Occurs often with least toxic pesticides people become careless Birth defects due to low toxicity rating Reproductive effects Systemic effects Allergic effects Toxicity Testing Lab Test Conducted Dermal skin Oral Inhalation Eyes Testing determines signal words Signal Words Danger Poison Danger Warning Caution Signal Words Indicate the relative acute toxicity of a pesticide Few drops to 1 Teaspoon to kill Highly toxic or highly corrosive Least Toxic 1 Tablespoon to a pint or more Moderately toxic 1 Teaspoon To 1 Tablespoon to kill SYSTEMIC EFFECTS Usually a result of long term chronic exposure Pesticide caused Anemia no clotting Usually affects Trembles neuropathy Circulatory System Nervous System Rashes sores that won t heal Skin Emphysema asthma Lungs Liver and Kidneys Jaundice kidney failure ALLERGIC EFFECTS Photosensitivity Influenced by genetics Become Sensitized Pesticide triggered Allergic reaction Asthma or even shock Skin irritation rashes blisters or open sores Eye nose and throat irritation such as itchy watery eyes sneezing and tightness in the throat Pesticides and the Body Routes of Exposure Where most pesticide exposures occur EC absorption Cuts scrapes hot n sweaty Remove Wash Change Doctor if feeling ill Usually accidental Improper storage Induce vomiting Vapors mists Mixing when pouring Mixing when pouring Accidents Pesticide Poisoning Symptoms Can be confused with Flu Heat injuries Food

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