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JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY June 2010 p 5880 5889 0022 538X 10 12 00 doi 10 1128 JVI 02719 09 Copyright 2010 American Society for Microbiology All Rights Reserved Vol 84 No 12 Human Bocavirus Capsid Structure Insights into the Structural Repertoire of the Parvoviridae Brittney L Gurda 1 Kristin N Parent 2 Heather Bladek 1 Robert S Sinkovits 2 Michael A DiMattia 1 Chelsea Rence 1 Alejandro Castro 1 Robert McKenna 1 Norm Olson 2 Kevin Brown 4 Timothy S Baker 2 3 and Mavis Agbandje McKenna1 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Florida Gainesville Florida 326101 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry2 and Division of Biological Sciences 3 University of California San Diego California 92093 and Virus Reference Department Centre for Infections Health Protection Agency London NW9 5HT United Kingdom4 Received 26 December 2009 Accepted 26 March 2010 tigenic cross reactivity between B19 and HBoV 28 30 By age 5 most people have circulating antibodies against HBoV as is also true for other respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus rhinoviruses and human metapneumovirus 17 HBoV has also been identified in adults with 63 of samples tested being seropositive showing a positive correlation with age and a slight positive bias toward women 14 The Parvoviridae is a family of small nonenveloped viruses that package a single stranded DNA ssDNA genome of 5 000 bases These viruses are subdivided into two subfamilies Parvovirinae and Densovirinae Table 1 The Parvovirinae are further subdivided into five genera all of whose members infect vertebrates The Densovirinae four genera infect only invertebrates Phylogenetic analysis places HBoV in the recently classified Bocavirus genus Table 1 In addition to HBoV numerous parvoviruses circulate among the human population Among these are the following several dependoviruses adeno associated virus AAV serotypes AAV1 to AAV3 AAV5 and AAV9 the Erythrovirus B19 and the newly discovered human parvovirus genotypes 4

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