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IU ORE Chem Update Marlon Pierce Geoffrey Fox Indiana University IU to lead New US NSF Track 2d 10M Award See http www futuregrid org for more information What We Said We Would Do Apply data centric workflow technologies Dryad Significant effort Install and run triple store Done locally Need to do this in Azure Design alternative formats for ORE JSON Microformats Nothing to report yet Design secure services compositions mash ups OAuth piece done Significant effort on social network interfaces Nothing to report on ORE chem enabled services yet Investigate clouds for ORE Chem Infrastructure and runtime Significant effort on virtual data stores overheads of virtualization Layer Cake of IU Activities Web 2 0 Research Security for REST Services Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Runtimes Infrastructure Windows HPC Testbeds Hardware Layer Cloud Infrastructure Tempest HP distributed shared memory cluster with 768 processor cores and 1 5 TB total memory capacity The cluster includes 13 7 TB of local spinning disk Tempest can be dynamically reconfigured to act as either a Windows HPC or Linux cluster Smaller versions Madrid and Barcelona Other machines The IBM iDataPlex system is an IBM e1350 distributed shared memory cluster with 1024 processor cores and 3 TB total memory capacity Cray XT5m distributed shared memory cluster with 672 processor cores and 1 3 TB total memory capacity A shared memory system with at least 480 cores and 640 GB of RAM will also be installed at IU as part of the FutureGrid award Data Cloud Infrastructure Triple Store Intellidimension This has been installed on IU servers We are ready for data Efforts to install this on MS Azure were not successful Inadequate documentation earlier in the year We will revisit this Open Elastic Block Store Amazon EBS is a way to mount virtual disks in cloudspace Empty disk space or archived data stores ORECHEM enabled data sets for example Clone able so keep your own version of community data We are implementing an

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