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REPORT TO NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR SOVIET AND EAST EUROPEAN RESEARC H TITLE AUTHOR CONTRACTOR THE IMPACT OF ALTERED RIVER FLOW O N THE ECOSYSTEM OF THE CASPIAN SEA Michael A Rozengur t Joel W Hedgpeth San Francisco State Universit y PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR Michael A Rozengur t COUNCIL CONTRACT NUMBER 900 0 1 DATE December 198 9 The work leading to this report was supported by funds provided by the National Council for Soviet and East European Research Th e analysis and interpretations contained in the report are those o f the author This offprint is a revised and expanded version of an Interim Repor t from the same contract distributed by the Council in July 1988 entitle d Soviet Water Policy and its Implications for the Ecological Economi c Destruction of the Caspian Sea Aquatic Science s The Impact of Altered River Flow o n the Ecosystem of the Caspian Se a The average surface area of the Caspian Sea 3 784 x 10 5 km constitutes 18 of the total area of all lakes of the world about five times the surface area of Lake Superior and abou t 2 7 and 10 times the surface area of the Adriatic Sea and Sea of Azov respectively It is roughly equal to the size of Grea t Britain Figure 2 The volume of the Caspian Sea 78 l x 10 km 3 accounts for 44 of the total volume of inland lake s of the world and about 241 and 3 6 times the volume of the Sea of Azov U S S R and the Baltic Sea respectively Over 130 rivers and numerous streams discharge an average of almos t 300 km 3 year into the Caspian Sea or 6 of the total natura l runoff in the U S S R from which about 85 originates i n the Volga Kama and Ural River basins and about 15 in th e southern river drainages of the Caucasus region the Terek Sulak Samur and Kura rivers and Iranian rivers and stream s along the southern part of the Caspian Sea Table l Despite the impressive morphometric characteristics of the Caspian Sea its area constitutes only 10 8 and 27 4 of th e Caspian basin and Volga watershed respectively Therefore any

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