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ABILITY STATEMENT SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE The ability to engage in effective advanced social work practice requires the application of abilities in the areas of valuing a diverse world integrating values and ethics advocating for social justice succeeding in the world of work critical thinking communication and professional use of self It also involves the capacity to engage assess plan intervene and evaluate Graduates of the master s program at MSASS are advanced practitioners in a social work environment that is undergoing major transformation In part these changes reflect external forces such as devolution privatization welfare reform and managed care They also reflect the creative efforts of social workers themselves to redesign services and reshape practice to make services less fragmented and reactive more comprehensive integrated flexible and responsive Social work in this environment requires a revitalization of the profession s tradition of community oriented practice Social workers need to analyze and apply knowledge of bio psycho social variables that affect individual development and behavior But they also need to understand and intervene in the patterns of interaction that generate or perpetuate problems involving multiple system levels such as family neighbors school and social service or justice systems Community based social work practice sees lasting solutions to problems as arising from the strengths of the community and culture of the individuals and families concerned It recognizes that clients are involved in larger patterns of formal and informal helping that may involve social networks including family church or temple friends neighbors or community organizations as well as other professionals Social work practice sees itself as one part of this larger pattern of helping its effectiveness depending on how the whole pattern works to ensure that individual family and community needs are met Social workers intervene at all levels with individuals

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