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Class 18 Sections 102 111 112 114 and 118 Instructions to the Priesthood Kirtland Temple Kirtland Temple Dedication Sidney Rigdon made closing remarks and offered the closing prayer The Hosanna Shout was done Brigham Young spoke briefly in tongues David W Patten interpreted and also spoke in tongues Kirtland Temple Dedication Joseph Smith blessed the congregation and dismissed them shortly after 4 pm The Dedicatory Prayer Plea to the Lord to accept His house V 4 Plea that the Saints will be blessed endowment v 13 35 6 Plea to bless the missionaries v 22 38 9 Plea to deliver the Saints especially in Missouri v 46 7 The Dedicatory Prayer Plea to bless the nations v 54 Plea for gathering v 62 4 Plea to bless the presidency and members at large V 6872 April 3 Next Sunday 1000 members came to morning service and Sacrament Meeting in the afternoon Afterward the veils between the segments were dropped Section 110 recorded by Warren Cowdery It was not made public until 1843 Section 110 Christ declares He has accepted the Temple Moses keys of the gathering of Israel Elias keys of the Gospel of Abraham Elijah the keys of this dispensation Kirtland Temple Dedication Frederick G Williams bore testimony that an angel entered through the window and sat between Father Smith and himself during the opening prayer David Whitmer bore testimony that he saw angels Hyrum Smith acknowledged the work of the Saints Historical Background 102 High Council Minutes Feb 1834 111 Money in Salem Aug 1836 Hard times in Kirtland Safety Society collapses 112 To Thomas B March and the 12 the last revelation in Kirtland July 1837 Historical Background Joseph Smith Flees to Far West Jan 1838 114 To David W Patten and the 12 April 1838 Cornerstones of the Far West Temple Laid July 4 1838 118 Role of the 12 July 8 1838 Four sections were given on this date Section 102 Organization and operation of the first High Council The only section that comes from minutes Joseph Smith said that the order came to him

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