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Journal Writing Week 9 Please use the time until 4 30 to write in your journals Agenda Journal writing Discussion of journal writing Composition book catch up Responding to Student Writing NBPTS Project Buddy Time on student work samples Reading Like Writers Learning from Mentor Texts Your Topics Tagmemics Composition Books catch up Let s fill in the sharing holes created by absences things you forgot to tell us or whatever Journal entries What assessments have you used or experienced that were particularly effective Responding to Student Writing What do we still need to know about your composition book Composition book bibliographies what did you lean Any surprises What are some of the more effective writing assessments you have used or experienced Read the four papers Respond to the first 3 questions on the handout 8 minutes handout minutes Reread your target sample and respond to the remaining questions 7 minutes Group sharing 10 minutes 1 Writing Assessment What have you learned from your reading about assessment What is a key idea expressed by your author How does that idea connect to what others have said To what YOU think Exchange work samples Read partner s students work List 2 3 2 3 things about each sample that the student does proficiently List 1 2 things that the student might work on Compare and discuss Take notes on what your partners tell you How Do We Apply Mentor Texts in Our Classrooms Atwell chapter 7 Melanie Burke chapters 12 13 24 30 Liz Golub Gail Kirby chapter 8 Katie N and April Robb 7 and 8 Katie S NBPTS Assignment 25 minutes NBPTS Assignment Atwell 395 Melanie Burke chapter 11 Liz Gallagher 67 85 67 85 check index real real world writing modeling Casy Kittle pp75 76 131 37 Jake Murray chapter 9 Lon e How did you choose the students whose work you will use as samples What questions do you have about this task Reading Like Writers Mentor Texts Pairs 10 minutes Discuss key ideas in your mentor texts Discuss and label the text structures says

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