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ANOLIS NEWSLETTER IV EDITED BY JONATHAN B LOSOS and GREGORY C MAYER r Or J LJ On the cover An undescribed Ecuadorean anole drawn by Laszlo Meszoly 1991 Division of Amphibians and Reptiles National Museum of Natural History Smith onian Institution washington D C Foreword A symposium on Anolis biology which we organized was held at the 69th annual meeting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists June 1723 1989 in San Francisco The reasons for the symposium are discussed in Mayer s opening remarks to the symposium which are reprinted here In conjunction with the symposium we felt it would be worthwhile to publish a fourth Anolis newsletter particularly since it had been 12 years since the third newsletter All those asked to participate in the symposium as well as others active in Anolis research were invited to contribute to the newsletter In addition several contributors learned of the newsletter from other sources As with previous installments the newsletter is meant to be an informal forum for the presentation of data and discussion of theory pertinent to anoles In particular the newsletter serves three functions 1 to allow investigators to inform others about their current research programs and future plans 2 to provide an outlet for speculation and theorization perhaps inappropriate for publication in more formal arena and 3 to present an opportunity for the presentation of data in whatever format or state of analysis that otherwise might be lost in the fog of time never to see the light of day As in previous newsletters there is a general request that nothing said herein be quoted without the authors express permission Other than basic guidelines concerning margin size spacing etc format and style are entirely the authors discretion as the heterogeneity of the contributions will attest The newsletter is divided into two parts First we have included the opening and concluding remarks of the Anolis biology symposium along with its schedule The

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