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REGIONAL NGOS IN RUSSIA Charitable Foundations Social Service and Policy Advocacy Organizations Linda J Cook Brown University Elena Vinogradova State University Higher School of Economics Moscow The National Council for Eurasian and East European Research 910 17th Street N W Suite 300 Washington D C 20006 TITLE VIII PROGRAM Project Information Principal Investigator Linda Cook Council Contract Number 819 10 Date March 16 2006 Copyright Information Scholars retain the copyright on works they submit to NCEEER However NCEEER possesses the right to duplicate and disseminate such products in written and electronic form as follows a for its internal use b to the U S Government for its internal use or for dissemination to officials of foreign governments and c for dissemination in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act or other law or policy of the U S government that grants the public access to documents held by the U S government Additionally NCEEER has a royalty free license to distribute and disseminate papers submitted under the terms of its agreements to the general public in furtherance of academic research scholarship and the advancement of general knowledge on a non profit basis All papers distributed or disseminated shall bear notice of copyright Neither NCEEER nor the U S Government nor any recipient of a Contract product may use it for commercial sale The work leading to this report was supported in part by contract or grant funds provided by the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research funds which were made available by the U S Department of State under Title VIII The Soviet East European Research and Training Act of 1983 as amended The analysis and interpretations contained herein are those of the author ii Executive Summary The Working Paper reports mainly on two groups of NGOs Charitable Foundations and Social Service NGO s and Policy Advocacy Organizations It draws on more than seventy interviews with NGO and political leaders in

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