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Design and Development of a Wireless Sensor Network System for Precision Agriculture Abhinav Valada David Kohanbash George Kantor CMU RI TR 10 21 June 2010 Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213 c Carnegie Mellon University Abstract Wireless Sensor Networks WSNs have attracted much attention in recent years The potential applications of WSNs are immense They are used for collecting storing and sharing sensed data WSNs have been used for various applications including habitat monitoring agriculture nuclear reactor control security and tactical surveillance The WSN system developed in this project is for use in precision agriculture applications where real time data of climatological and other environmental properties are sensed and control decisions are taken based on it to modify them The architecture of a WSN system comprises of a set of sensor nodes and a base station that communicate with each other and gather local information to make global decisions about the physical environment The sensor network is based on the IEEE 802 15 4 standard and a new multi hop routing protocol was designed suited for monitoring and control applications The aim of this research is to adapt the flat and hierarchical architectures to create a new hybrid that draws on current protocol theories The protocol uses a hybrid network structure to achieve scalability and is source initiated along with event driven reporting to reduce the number of packet transmissions The protocol incorporates a link quality estimation algorithm which enables only the nodes with high quality symmetric links to be chosen for routing Route selection is calculated using both hop count and link quality as routing metrics The protocol is also designed such that it is computational simple reliable energy aware does not impose any special hardware prerequisites and most importantly credible Its credibility was verified by performing a series of field tests in a real world

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