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Drexel SDP GK 12 ACTIVITY Subject area physical science Activity title Assembling a refracting telescope Grade level 6 Time required Keywords 60 minutes telescope lens magnification focal point astronomy Educational standards 3 4 7B C Chapter 1 Section 2 of Holt Astronomy text Concept Vocabulary Students will learn and understand concepts of light refraction magnification and angles by constructing a simple refracting telescope They will be exposed to the fundamental optical concepts that govern a telescope s use and the role of the telescope s primary components This activity is meant to complement to the Holt textbook section on telescopes From the text students should be familiar with the following terms telescope o refracting o reflecting o radio focal point plane electromagnetic spectrum Hubble Space Telescope Chandra X Ray Observatory objective lens Objectives Students will learn to identify the components of an refracting telescope and will understand their function within the whole device learn about the concept of a focal point plane and experiment by projecting an image of a sunlit window onto a wall observe how a single lens can be used as a simple magnifier construct a refracting telescope and use it to observe distant objects Materials This module activity is most easily accomplished using an educational telescope kit such as the Project STAR Refracting Telescope Activity from Learning Technologies Inc available from Anchor Optics Surplus catalog no B26057 Included in the kit are 43 mm diameter lens 17 5 mm diameter lens telescoping cardboard tubes assorted other small connecting hardware for assembly This activity can be accomplished with any objective and magnifying lenses with some means of adjusting and holding the distance between them Instructional Strategies Group size This activity can be performed in groups of 4 6 students Duration It can be performed in one class period Students should first read Chapter 1 Section 2 of the Holt Astronomy text

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