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TAX CLINIC RETAINER AGREEMENT F OR PARTICIPANTS IN THE M ICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY AMERICAN SINO T URFGRASS E DUCATION P ROGRAM Client residing at and the Michigan State University College of Law MSU Law Tax Clinic 610 Abbot Road East Lansing MI 48823 3369 517 336 8088 agree to the following Client retains the Tax Clinic and authorizes its tax clinicians and supervising attorney s to represent Client in the following matter s Counseling regarding rights responsibilities under the Internal Revenue Code for an English as a second language taxpayer and as an ancillary part of the counseling preparation of federal state local tax returns for tax year 2011 Client understands that all aspects of the client s matter are handled by tax clinicians under a Michigan Court Rule MCR 8 120 authorizing representation by law students enrolled in the Tax Clinic at MSU The tax clinicians and supervising attorney s provide legal services as part of the clinical educational program offered by MSU Law Several different residents or the Tax Clinic Director may be assigned to work on Client s case at various times Tax returns will be completed for mailing by the Client on or before the filing deadline including any filing extensions that may be obtained for the client however there are no guarantees concerning the availability of completed returns before the filing deadline The tax clinician representing Client agrees to take necessary and reasonable steps based on his or her best judgment in consultation with the supervising attorney to perform the work required by Client in a timely manner The tax clinician assigned to represent Client will inform Client of the progress of the matter and will respond to Client s inquiries about the matter and its status Client s cooperation and support are essential to enable tax clinicians to represent Client Client s failure to fully participate as requested by the tax clinician will likely hinder the tax clinician s ability to perform the work

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