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1 MIST Cellular Data Network Measurement for Mobile Applications Mike P Wittie Brett Stone Gross Kevin C Almeroth and Elizabeth M Belding Department of Computer Science University of California Santa Barbara Santa Barbara CA 93106 5110 mwittie bstone almeroth ebelding cs ucsb edu Abstract The rapid growth in the popularity of cellular networks has led to aggressive deployment and a rapid expansion of services Services based on the integration of these networks into the Internet have only recently become available but are expected to become very popular One current limitation to the deployment of many of these services is poor or unknown network performance particularly in the cellular portion of the network Our goal in this paper is to motivate and present the Mobile Internet Services Test MIST platform a new architecture to measure and characterize cellular network performance as experienced by mobile devices We have used MIST to conduct preliminary measurements evaluate its effectiveness and motivate further measurement research I I NTRODUCTION Recent years have seen a rapid expansion of data services in cellular networks As aggressive competition between cellular service providers has lead to decreases in average per user revenue network providers began to look at ways to increase non voice revenue 1 Studies of customer network usage have indicated the propensity of customers especially in the US to adopt new network services hinting at the possibility of increasing data usage via heavier application traffic 2 The future is also expected to bring an ever increasing integration of various multimedia packet and location based cellular data network services These services will certainly increase the demands on these networks 2 1 The increased customer and service provider focus on data services has attracted the interest of mobile application developers ready to cash in on a new trend These companies have recognized the opportunity to create revenue generating value

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