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Wifi Reports Improving Wireless Network Selection with Collaboration Jeffrey Pang Ben Greenstein Carnegie Mellon University Intel Research Seattle jeffpang cs cmu edu Michael Kaminsky benjamin m greenstein intel com Damon McCoy Srinivasan Seshan Intel Research Pittsburgh University of Colorado Carnegie Mellon University michael e kaminsky intel com damon mccoy colorado edu srini cmu edu ABSTRACT Wi Fi clients can obtain much better performance at some commercial hotspots than at others Unfortunately there is currently no way for users to determine which hotspot access points APs will be sufficient to run their applications before purchasing access To address this problem this paper presents Wifi Reports a collaborative service that provides Wi Fi clients with historical information about AP performance and application support The key research challenge in Wifi Reports is to obtain accurate user submitted reports This is challenging because two conflicting goals must be addressed in a practical system preserving the privacy of users reports and limiting fraudulent reports We introduce a practical cryptographic protocol that achieves both goals and we address the important engineering challenges in building Wifi Reports Using a measurement study of commercial APs in Seattle we show that Wifi Reports would improve performance over previous AP selection approaches in 30 60 of locations Categories and Subject Descriptors C 2 1 Computer Communication Networks Network Architecture and Design General Terms Measurement Design Security Keywords privacy anonymity wireless reputation 802 11 1 INTRODUCTION Users expect Internet connectivity wherever they travel and many of their devices such as iPods and wireless cameras rely on local area Wi Fi access points APs to obtain connectivity Even smart phone users may employ Wi Fi instead of 3G and WiMAX to improve the performance of bandwidth intensive applications or to avoid data charges Fortunately there is often a large selection

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