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DESCRIPTION OF RESIDENCY PROGRAM The general surgery residency combines the surgical resources of 3 fully affiliated hospitals the Medical University Hospital the Ashley River Tower ART and the Charleston VA Medical Center which are located within easy walking distance as well as the McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence SC The full time staff of the Medical University of South Carolina Department of Surgery is responsible for the surgical services within the Divisions of General Surgery Transplant Surgery Vascular Surgery Cardiothoracic Surgery Pediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery at three affiliated institutions in Charleston A full complement of residents is assigned to each of these services on a regular basis General Surgery includes gastrointestinal laparoscopic vascular trauma critical care and oncologic endocrine surgery Residents also are assigned to other surgical services with approved graduate education programs including orthopedic surgery and urology Since many of the first year positions in this program are filled by candidates who continue on in one of the surgical specialties there is a close working relationship between the Department of Surgery and various surgical specialty departments Many of the residents in general surgery elect to obtain additional fellowship training in a surgical specialty following completion of the PGY 5 year The Divisions of Cardiothoracic Surgery Transplant Surgery Surgical Critical Care and Plastic Surgery have been helpful in affording this opportunity to our graduates locally Others have accepted fellowships in other institutions for advanced training in vascular pediatric surgery advanced laparoscopic surgery trauma and surgical oncology The latter fellowships are not offered in our institution The general surgery program requires 5 years including the straight surgical internship PGY 1 assignments are primarily for one month periods and include broad exposure to general and specialty services in the two

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