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Study Abroad for Recreation Administration Majors Whe re will GO Why Recreation Administration Majors Should Study Abroad We live in a global society Leisure service professionals will often work outside their country of origin work with employees from other countries or provide services to participants from other countries Leisure service professionals must be educated to successfully manage these challenges resulting from a globalized society Study abroad experiences can provide students with cross cultural preparation that will provide them with a stronger understanding of the leisure needs professional practices and cultural norms of different countries The experience will expand the students understanding of other cultures which will help them to be more accepting of others It will increase their independence and selfawareness Having to survive in a completely new environment will teach the student things about themselves that they never expected Taken together the study abroad experience and coursework within the Department of Recreation Administration will enable the student to effectively lead leisure service agencies in meeting the diverse needs of their constituents William Higelmire Ph D Chair Recreation Administration Can I Afford To Study Abroad What you do in college is an investment in your future Surveys indicate that graduates who have studied abroad secure more job offers better job offers and higher starting salaries in their fields With findings like this how can you afford NOT to study abroad Moreover You can use financial aid to study abroad and to even pay for your airfare There are lots of scholarships for study abroad from EIU and beyond In some cases it costs less to go abroad than it would to stay on campus Getting Started Plan Early Plan Now The best opportunities for scholarships and popular programs are available to those who plan ahead So start TODAY by Reviewing options on the back of this sheet Visiting the study abroad website www

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