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STATEMENT OF FAITH AND LEARNING Steven A Henkel Professor of Physical Education Bethel College is committed to fostering growth among Christians learning that occurs inside and outside the classroom or perhaps more accurately learning within a wide variety of classrooms In addition to the classrooms within four walls opportunities for learning include talking in the cafeteria practicing on the football field performing in a play and ministering in local and international communities Since learning at Bethel is viewed holistically the integration of faith with learning needs to be evident in all classroom settings Consequently individual faculty should think and function in ways different from those on secular campuses To me the integration of faith and learning may be described by explaining a how faith informs my discipline b how faith informs my teaching and c how the discipline of physical education informs my faith Faith Informing Discipline Faith and Truth Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see Heb 11 1 My faith is in Jesus Christ who he is and what he did and continues to do Jesus is God in human form Jn 1 14 He died for my sins once for all and rose again to intercede to God the Father on my behalf Heb 7 25 27 I have no other means of having a relationship with God Jn 14 6 My faith is reinforced by fellowshipping with Jesus regularly relating with other believers and by understanding God s word All of these experiences help me discover truth as defined by Palmer 1983 Truth is more than objective information held at arm s length to be mastered at the discretion of individual knowers Instead truth is personal and is discovered and proclaimed in the context of interpersonal relationships When Jesus said I am the truth he was not making an idiosyncratic claim about a private individual not inviting us into an isolated relationship that is either the whole of what we must know or separable from all the rest He claimed neither

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