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ABSTRACT Title of Dissertation Thesis HONOR FARM Christopher P Hoeting Master of Fine Arts 2004 Dissertation Thesis Directed By Professor Patrick Craig Department of Art My artwork work focuses upon byproducts byproducts of humans and byproducts as subject My imagery picks up on the byproducts of society s organization of human life such as prison architecture and security devices Honor Farm is a metaphor for the human environment space and location that creates containment Through the exploration of containment facilities prisons and barriers Honor Farm emerges as the subject matter Desire for the barrier obstructs the balance among mind body and spirit My art embraces the living environment as a link between the physical and the cerebral The communication between material and image drives my process Material informs the paint and the paint informs the imagery In the last two years as an artist my language evolved in relation to materials images and concepts HONOR FARM By Christopher P Hoeting Thesis or Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Maryland College Park in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts 2004 Advisory Committee Professor Patrick Craig Chair Professor Patrice Kehoe Professor W C Richardson Professor Foon Sham Copyright by Christopher P Hoeting 2004 Table of Contents Table of Contents ii List of Slides iii Chapter 1 Material 1 2 Chapter 2 Image 3 4 Chapter 3 Concept Honor Farm 5 6 Bibliography 7 ii List of Slides 1 Honor Farm A 8x8 Oil and Acrylic 2004 2 Honor Farm B 8x8 Oil and Acrylic 2004 3 Honor Farm C 8x8 Oil and Acrylic 2004 4 Honor Farm D 8x8 Oil and Acrylic 2004 5 Honor Farm E 8x8 Oil and Acrylic 2004 6 Honor Farm V 72x72 Oil and Acrylic 2004 7 Modesty Panels II 72x72 Oil and Acrylic 2004 8 Furlough 24x24 Oil and Acrylic 2004 9 Three Point Restraint 48x36 Oil and Acrylic 2004 iii Chapter 1 Material The process that I engage offers a greater understanding of

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