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Development of Continental Drift Frank Taylor 1910 Alfred Wegener 1912 Die Entstehung Der Kontinente Und Ozeane Plate Tectonics Continental Drift Evidence of Plate Tectonics Earth s Structure Plate Boundaries Hot Spots The Permian Ice Age Problem Frank Taylor Recognized role of MidAtlantic Ridge Never reconstructed the continents like Wegener did Confirmation of Continental Drift World War II technology International Geophysical Year IGY 1957 58 Worldwide Standardized Seismic Network 1963 The Geomagnetic Reversal Time Scale Do Compass and Magnet Experiment Discovery of Sea Floor Spreading Sea Floor Spreading Where Does Ocean Crust Go Hugo Benioff 1954 Benioff s Interpretation Benioff s Interpretation Updated Worldwide Standardized Seismic Network The Plate Tectonics Model The Plate Tectonics Model The Earth s Plates Global Plate Motions What Drives It Convection How Plates Move Reconstructing Plate Movements Fit of Continents Across the Atlantic Present Day Atlantic Atlantic 65 m y ago Geology of Plate Margins Ophiolites Oceanic Crust Plate Boundaries Divergent Can create volcanoes earthquakes and mountains Examples Mid Atlantic ridge East Pacific Rise Convergent Can create volcanoes continental and island arc earthquakes and mountains Examples Juan De Fuca Plate and North America Plate Transform Can create strong shallow earthquakes and folded mountains Examples San Andreas Fault Anatomy of a Mid Ocean Ridge A Subduction Zone Why Mountains are High Where the Plates Meet Terrane Accretion Terranes in Western North America Plate Boundaries and Earthquakes Hot Spots Hot Spots Hawaii Pacific Hot Spot Tracks

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