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Excel List Management Tips 2001 2002 What characterizes an Excel list row record column field header row 1st row formatted differently no blank rows or columns in the data though blank cells within records are OK formulas to calculate data items are OK Excel list example Excel list navigation tips Move to list corners CTRL arrow keys Select a single record CTRL SHIFT right arrow Select the entire list quickly CTRL e g CTRL SHIFT 8 Move between the 4 corners of a selected range CTRL e g CTRL period 1 Excel Data Addition Tips Insert current date CTRL e g CTRL semicolon Insert current time CTRL e g CTRL colon Autocomplete Pick from List Start in a blank cell beneath a list column and press ALT down arrow to see a pick list Or right click and choose Pick from List Excel s Data Form To start With the insertion point anywhere in the list choose Data Form from the menus Features View records one by one Add a new record Delete a record Search using criteria Viewing Excel List Data Freezing Panes Two Methods 1 Make the cell current to the right and below where you want the freeze location Then choose Window Freeze Panes 2 Drag the horizontal and or vertical pane markers and drop them into the workspace Horizontal vertical pane markers Markers in place in a worksheet 2 Double click a horizontal or vertical pane marker to remove it Or just drag it back to its original location Hiding unhiding Excel rows columns To hide Select the row or column Right click Choose Hide To unhide Select the range around the hidden row s or column s Choose Format Column Unhide or Format Row Unhide Finding data in an Excel list Works in a similar fashion as in Word Edit Find and complete the Find dialog The Look in prompt allows you to restrict the search to restrict the search to just formulas values or cell comments Sorting data in an Excel list The usual sort is a top to bottom sort in the list Up to 3 sort specifications are allowed Also available a left to right sort see the Options button on

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