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Hector Estrada Medina Photo from Nadezhda Nadezhdina and Jan C ermak 2003 Sensing technology for the soil environment CENS 2007 GPR What is this GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar is an non destructive geophysical tool used for subsurface earth exploration Main applications Earth sciences stratigraphy and soil descriptions soil depth assessment Military Detection of unexploded land mines Engineering structural integrity of roads and buildings detection of buried lines storage tanks pipes and conduits Anthropological Detection of human settlements Ecological applications Monitoring ground water table Monitoring soil water content Tracking of infiltration of contaminants Assessing of damage by burrowing animals Roots distribution biomass size and structure of tree root systems GPR How it looks like Control unit Contains the electronics that produce and regulate the pulse of radar energy that the antenna sends into the ground It also has a built in computer and hard disk to record and store data for examination after fieldwork Antenna The antenna receives the electrical pulse produced by the control unit amplifies it and transmits it into the ground It also receives the signal reflected to the surface GPR How it works Transmitted waves Attenuation Reflected waves GPR works by sending a tiny pulse of electromagnetic waves EM into a material and recording the strength and the time required for the return of any reflected signal to the surface Reflections are produced whenever the energy pulse enters into a material with different dielectric permittivity dielectric constant from the material it left While some of the GPR energy pulse is reflected back to the antenna some energy also keeps Scattered traveling through the material until it dissipates or is lost attenuation waves Dielectric permittivity The capacity of a material to hold and pass and electromagnetic charge Varies with a materials composition moisture physical properties porosity and temperature Material

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