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Class Mammalia Mammal Taxonomy Class Mammalia Subclass Prototheria spiny echidna Tachyglossus aculeatus Order Monotremata duckbilled platypus Ornithorhynchus anitinus long beaked echidna Zaglosssus bruijni Mammal Taxonomy Class Mammalia Possum Kangaroo Didelphis virginiana Subclass Theria Infraclass Metatheria Order Marsupialia Koala Tazmanian Devil Mammal Taxonomy Class Mammalia Order Pholidota Order Tubulidentata Subclass Theria Infraclass Eutheria Order Rodentia Order Chiroptera Order Insectavora Order Carnivora Order Primates Order Artiodactyla Order Lagomorpha Order Cetacea Order Perissodactyla Order Sirenia Order Proboscidea Pangolin Order Xenartha Hyrax Order Hyracoidea Mammalian Integument Glands Sebaceous Sweat Scent Mammary Mammary Glands Fur Pelage Underhair Guard hairs 1 or 2 molts yr Horns Antlers Mammal Skull Formation of a Hard Palate Skull Diversification Dentition 2 sets Milk teeth deciduous Permanent teeth Rodents lagomorphs Teeth continuously grow Carnivore Digestive Tracts Herbivore Digestive Tracts Migratory Land Mammals Migratory Sea Mammals Sonar Mammalian Reproduction Modes Prototherians monotremes Oviparous Hatchlings mature in pouch and suckle from mammary gland Metatherians marsupials Vivparous Very immature young mature in pouch and suckle from mammary gland Eutherian placentals Vivaparous Precocial altricial young Suckle young Reproductive Cycles Estrous cycle Time of ovulation following a peak in estrogen production estrus Monestrous 1 ovulation period per year Polyestrous Multiple ovulation periods per year Menstrual cycle Estrus followed by menstruation Shedding of uterine lining Only in humans apes old world monkeys Marsupial Reproductive Cycles Gestational Lactational Differences between Marsupials Mammals Gestation Periods Large mammals herbivores Longer gestations Precocial newborns Small insectivores rodents carnivores Shorter gestations Altricial newborns Sightless Hairless Domestication Prosimian Primates Hominidae Human

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