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Summary of GDB commands for x86 64 Systems Command Effect Starting gdb gdb file Running and stopping quit Exit gdb run Run program run 1 2 3 Run program with command line arguments 1 2 3 kill Stop the program quit Exit gdb Ctrl d Exit gdb Note Ctrl C does not exit from gdb but halts the current gdb command Breakpoints break sum break 0x80483c3 delete 1 disable 1 enable 1 delete clear sum Set breakpoint at the entry to function sum Set breakpoint at address 0x80483c3 Delete breakpoint 1 Disable the breakpoint 1 gdb numbers each breakpoint you create Enable breakpoint 1 Delete all breakpoints Clear any breakpoints at the entry to function sum Execution stepi stepi 4 nexti step continue until 3 finish call sum 1 2 Execute one instruction Execute four instructions Like stepi but proceed through function calls without stopping Execute one C statement Resume execution until the next breakpoint Continue executing until program hits breakpoint 3 Resume execution until current function returns Call sum 1 2 and print return value Examining code disas disas sum disas 0x80483b7 disas 0x80483b7 0x80483c7 Disassemble Disassemble Disassemble Disassemble current function function sum function around 0x80483b7 code within specified address range print x rip print d rip print t rip Print program counter in hex Print program counter in decimal Print program counter in binary Examining data print print print print d x t d rax rax rax int rax Print contents Print contents Print contents Print contents sign extending of rax in decimal of rax in hex of rax in binary of rax in decimal after lower 32 bits You need this to print 32 bit negative numbers stored in the lower 32 bits of rax For example if the lower 32 bits of rax store 0xffffffff you will see gdb print rax 1 4294967295 gdb print int rax 2 1 gdb print print print print print print 0x100 x 555 x rsp 8 int 0xbffff890 int rsp 8 char 0xbfff890 Print decimal representation of 0x100 Print hex representation of 555 Print contents of rsp

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