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MIA MI MILLIONS CHAPTER TWO IS a far cry from the magnificent Bayfront park which makes up the front porch of Miami today to the casual lettering of an unsung draftsman who was drawing the original plat of Miami in 1896 and unthinkingly penned in the word park at a convenient blank space on the line of the bay front The bay front was not in fact a public park in the beginning When James E Ingraham came here to lay out Miami for Henry M Flagler after planning the cities of Tampa and Sanford he cannily reserved from 10 to 60 feet above high tide all along the bay from the north city limits at about Thirteenth street around The to the Miami river and land on both banks of the river Standard Oil fortune that Flagler invested here was not made by leaving water front openings for competitors to land and store their products SCharles D Leffler began shipping groceries from New York for his Miami store at the turn of the century He found that he could save money by taking advantage of the water rates of the Mallory line into Key West and bring his goods to Miami on the vessels of Capt Dick Albury and others The little schooners would come in to the front of one of the streets at the bay front and unload and Mr Leffler s truck would pick up there and carry the merchandise to his store Soon he recalls the movement became an epidemic and envious checkers for the Florida East Coast railroad sat all day along the bay front under the hot sun and watched boats unload merchandise that might better in their opinion have come down in freight cars One day the Florida East Coast sent in a crew equipped with second hand cross ties and barbed wire and ran a three strand fence from what is now Belcher property to the Royal Palm club at the foot of S E Second street thereby putting a sudden stop to the schooner business along that part of the bay About 27 little Lefflers Worleys Romfhs and others lived within a block or two in bayfront homes north of the present Columbus Hotel and the new

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