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You might know that Anorexia nervosa is not a fad diet but a serious illness that requires medical attention and counseling Anorexia nervosa kills A thousand girls with anorexia will die every year Eating disorders anorexia being one of them affect five million Americans 1 of the American population is anorexic 10 of anorexics are male But who exactly qualifies as an anorexic An anorexic is someone who is 85 or less of his or her recommended body weight may see him or herself as overweight when not is terrified of gaining weight or becoming fat is obsessive about losing weight will take drastic health measures to become thin So why do people become anorexic There seems to be many risk factors Before being diagnosed many anorexics felt out of control of their lives They began to focus on their weight loss and saw results In other words anorexia gave them a false sense of control Of course the illness later controlled them Anorexia is also more common in cultures where being thin is fashionable Other areas where image is important such as numerous athletic and social circles additionally have a greater percentage of anorexic persons There are also believed to be genetic connections to the illness Depression is often a factor too as well as perfectionism What can others do to help Although anorexia can lead to death 80 of people with eating disorders who seek treatment either recover completely or make significant progress ANRED This is why it is so important to Look for these warning signs in yourself and others obsession with food intake strange food combinations extreme dieting or calorie restriction compulsive exercise rapid weight loss being extremely thin lying about eating behavior negative body image or low self esteem depression moodiness and sensitivity to cold And especially watch out for various forms of other abuse Anorexics are known to hurt themselves further by abusing diet pills enemas and laxatives However even without these various forms of abuse an

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