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Provided for non commercial research and educational use only Not for reproduction distribution or commercial use This chapter was originally published in the book Handbook of Experimental Economics Results The copy attached is provided by Elsevier for the author s benefit and for the benefit of the author s institution for noncommercial research and educational use This includes without limitation use in instruction at your institution distribution to specific colleagues and providing a copy to your institution s administrator All other uses reproduction and distribution including without limitation commercial reprints selling or licensing copies or access or posting on open internet sites your personal or institution s website or repository are prohibited For exceptions permission may be sought for such use through Elsevier s permissions site at http www elsevier com locate permissionusematerial James Andreoni and Rachel Croson Partners versus Strangers Random Rematching in Public Goods Experiments In C R Plott and V L Smitt editors Handbook of Experimental Economics Results Volume 1 Amsterdam North Holland 2008 p 776 ISBN 978 0 444 82642 8 Copyright 2008 Elsevier B V Author s personal copy Chapter 82 PARTNERS VERSUS STRANGERS RANDOM REMATCHING IN PUBLIC GOODS EXPERIMENTS JAMES ANDREONI Department of Economics University of Wisconsin Madison Madison Wisconsin 53711 USA RACHEL CROSON University of Texas at Dallas 2601 N Floyd Road P O Box 830688 GR 31 Richardson TX 75083 0688 USA e mail crosonr utdallas edu 1 Introduction How can an experimenter balance the desire to test a single shot Nash equilibrium prediction with the need for repeated experience by subjects Simply repeating the game with the same set of subjects may change the nature of equilibrium since incomplete information about types can lead to reputation effects of the sort described by Kreps et al 1982 A common way to deal with this has been to rematch subjects randomly into groups for each iteration

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