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Flora of China 12 323 325 2007 14 ERIOLAENA Candolle M m Mus Hist Nat 10 102 1823 huo sheng shu shu Wallichia Candolle 1823 not Roxburgh 1820 nor Reinwardt 1823 Trees or shrubs sometimes always deciduous Stipule linear caducous leaf blade mostly cordate rarely obscurely palmately lobed or oblong and entire stellate hairy abaxially mostly densely so sometimes nearly glabrous margin dentate Inflorescence racemose axillary or terminal often 1 2 flowered less often many flowered Epicalyx lobes 3 5 dentate or divided rarely entire falling at anthesis Sepals 4 or 5 valvate linear apex acute abaxially stellate hairy adaxially villous Petals 4 or 5 yellow or white base tapering into flat villous claw claw sharply recurved into S bend with limb radially spreading Stamens many connate into monadelphous tube filaments partly free anthers linear oblong 2 celled cells parallel staminodes absent Ovary sessile 4 10celled tomentose ovules many in each locule style linear stigma 4 10 lobed Capsule woody or nearly woody ovoid or narrowly ovoid dehiscence loculicidal valves 4 10 adaxial margin densely woolly Seeds winged wing membranous as long as seeds endosperm thin cotyledons plicate About 17 species tropical and subtropical Asia six species one endemic in China Eriolaena is poorly represented in herbaria and more gatherings particularly of correlated flowering and fruiting material are needed to clarify the taxa 1a Leaf blade abaxially sparsely hairy to glabrescent epidermis visible between hairs leaves always present during flowering and fruiting 2a Leaf blade glabrous or nearly so veins of young leaves usually slightly pink inflorescence a terminal flat topped many flowered panicle 1 E glabrescens 2b Leaf blade abaxially yellow brown stellate pubescent inflorescence an axillary few flowered cyme 6 E kwangsiensis 1b Leaf blade stellate hairy denser abaxially often tomentose leaves sometimes absent at flowering or fruiting 3a Material in flower epicalyx lobes available 4a Epicalyx

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