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Fleischmann Fine Foods Polystyrene Cups vs Paper Cups Points to Consider Costs Performance Environmental Effects Product Costs What expenses do we consider Environmental Impact Monetary value Monetary Value On average Polystyrene cups are 1 3 to 1 4 the cost of Paper cups Polystyrene Paper Environmental Impact Performance Of Lightweight Yet Strong Thermal insulation You Rely on Every morning Noon and Evening Polystyrene Performance Strength Insulation Sanitation Strength Offers combination of strength lightness and durability Keeps its shape when holding your coffee or take out meal Polystyrene food packaging is an economical way to present food and beverages to consumer Protects against moisture and maintains its strength and shape even after long periods of time Sturdy construction and sanitary design provide excellent insulation at an economical cost Insulation Provides superior insulating quality holding food at the eating and drinking temperatures longer than many alternatives The thermal insulating ability keeps HOT foods HOT and COLD foods COLD Which has contributed to the success of programs such as Meals on Wheels Maintains HOT and COLD temperatures required by may health departments yet remains comfortable for you to hold Sanitation Health organizations encourage the use of polystyrene because it provides increased food safety Meets stringent USFDA standards for use in food contact packaging and is safe for consumers It is an excellent low cost and sanitary choice for food service packaging Disposal Land Fills Incinerate Recycling Solid Waste Disposal Nothing degrades quickly in a landfill not paper not food waste not polystyrene Modern landfills are designed to protect the environment by retarding the degradation process which is why polystyrene does well in a land fill Paper Yard Waste Food Waste Metals Glass Plastics Others Incineration Energy Pollution Solid Waste Recycling Polystyrene is totally recyclable Paper is expensive to recycle

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