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ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MGT 4305 Dub Oliver Phone 710 1314 Cell 749 3618 Office McLane Student Life Center First Floor Email Dub Oliver baylor edu Course Description This course is intended to help future managers and leaders better understand and diagnose behavior in organizations and use this information to adapt their leadership behavior in order to influence positive change in individuals teams or organizations Course Objectives It is our goal to facilitate the development of your theoretical understanding and practical skills for effectively leading in today s organizations We will seek to stimulate learning by exposing you to research current literature experiential activities and media related to organizational behavior concepts or skills Course Format Class sessions will include a combination of focused discussions videos experiential activities presentations and assignments or tests These sessions will be participative in nature with each person contributing to the learning experience by actively discussing the reading material assignments or activities Course Text The Leadership Experience Third Edition by Richard L Daft Course Requirements 270 points 1 Individual Requirements 170 points A Comprehension Checks Each of the tests is worth 20 points 80 points total B Leadership Interviews and Recommendations Part 1 30 points Part 2 10 points This two part project involves interviewing three managers of your choice In addition to a short list of standard questions you will need to develop two of your own questions that will help you better understand the issues surrounding this manager s leadership challenges Part 2 is your synthesis of the interviews into a series of conclusions C Leadership Self Analysis 50 points This is an exercise in self examination Drawing upon the various self assessment instruments and your experience in this class you will develop a leadership report This single spaced report should be addressed to me as an external

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