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This paper is one of a Bureau of Intelligence State The aim of the fox national arrangements territorial sea or the of coastal nations series issued by The Geographer and Research of the Department of series is to set forth the basis fox the measurement of the division of the maritime areas Intended for background use only this research document does not represent an official acceptance of the United States Government of the line or lines represented on the charts of the specific principles involved if any Oft necessarily in the original drafting of the lines Additional copies may be requested by mail from The Geographer Department of State 20520 or by telephone Washington D C Area Code 202 632 2022 LIMITS IN THE SEAS NO 89 CONTINENTAL SHELF BOUNDARY It ly Tunisia January 7 1980 Office of the Geographes BureAu of Intelligence and Research CONTIEJEUTALSHELF BOUNDARY ITALY TUIJISIA On Auyust 20 1971 the Governments of the Italian Republic and the Republic of Tunisia signed an agreement delimiting their common continental shelf boundary in the Mediterranean Sea Instruments of ratification were exchanged and the agreement entered into force on December 6 1978 The full text is as follows AGREEMEUTBETWEENTHE GOVERNMENTOF THE ITALIAII REPUBLIC AND THE GOVERNMENTOF THE TUNISIAN REPUBLIC RELATIIJG TO THE DELI11ITATIOfJ OF THE COEJTIUEIJTALSHELF BETWEENTHE TWO COUNTRIES The Government of the Italian Republic Government of the Tunisian Republic Desirous neiyhbourliness between their and the of strengthening further their and of drawing the bonds of friendship two countries closer Have agreed to define and establish in the present Agreement the principles and criteria for drawing the line of delimitation of the continental shelf between Italy and Tunisia Article I The boundary of the continental shelf between the two countries shall be the median line every point of which is equidistant from the nearest points of the baselines from which the breadths of the Italian and

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