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Flora of China 13 118 121 2007 4 FLACOURTIA Commerson ex L H ritier Stirp Nov 3 59 1786 ci li mu shu Stigmarota Loureiro Trees or shrubs dioecious or hermaphroditic rarely polygamous usually spiny Leaves alternate petiolate stipules small early caducous leaf blade pinnate veined sometimes 3 5 veined from base margin glandular toothed rarely entire Inflorescences axillary or terminal on abbreviated lateral twigs usually short lax racemose or in form of small paniculate or umbel like clusters Flowers hypogynous unisexual or bisexual small pedicels articulate Sepals 4 7 imbricate slightly connate at base green small Petals absent Disk fleshy entire or comprised of distinct glands Staminate flowers stamens many exserted filaments free filiform anthers ellipsoid small versatile longitudinally dehiscent connective not projected beyond thecae disk extrastaminal abortive ovary much reduced or absent Pistillate flowers disk surrounding base of ovary ovary superior globose ovoid or bottle shaped incompletely 2 8 loculed by false septa placentas 2 ovuled styles isomerous with placentas free or united columnar stigmas slightly dilated flattened reniform recurved staminodes usually absent Fruit a berrylike indehiscent drupe with pyrenes 2 as many as styles globose in dried material characteristically longitudinally angled squarish or rectangular in longitudinal crosssection with flattish apex and base contracted or not at equator disk persistent at base style or stigma remnants persistent at apex Seeds ellipsoid compressed Between 15 and 17 species tropical Africa and Asia five species one endemic in China In Chinese species plants usually dioecious stamens 10 15 30 50 number apparently variable within each species Flacourtia species are often cultivated and harvested for fruit medicinal use or wood Male flowers of Flacourtia are easily confused with those of Xylosma female flowers of the two genera are easily distinguished by style and stigma morphology young fruits by style

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