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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET National Welders P O Box 31007 Charlotte NC 28231 704 333 5475 Emergency Telephone 800 866 4422 ChemTrec 800 424 9300 MAJOR SUPPLIERS OF CRYOGENICS AND WELDING EQUIPMENT MSDS Issue Revision Date N0000502 01 Jul 98 SECTION 1 MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION Product Name Compressed Air NFPA CODE 704 HMIS CAS N A Trade Name And Synonym DOT Identification No Compressed Air Air Compressed Air Breathing Quality UN 1002 Chemical Name And Synonyms Air Compressed D O T Formula Chemical Family See Special Notes section N A 0 Health Fire Reactivity Special Hazard 0 0 NONE DOT Hazard Class Division 2 2 Description Compressed Air SECTION 2 HEALTH HAZARD INFORMATION Time Weighted Average Exposure Limit No TWA established ACGIH 1995 1996 No PEL 8 Hr TWA listed by OSHA 1993 Symptoms Of Exposure Air is nontoxic and necessary to support life Inhalation of air in a high pressure environment such as underwater diving caissons or hyperbaric chambers can result in symptoms similar to overexposure to pure oxygen These include tingling of fingers and toes abnormal sensations impaired coordination and confusion Decompression sickness pains or bends are possible following rapid decompression Toxicological Properties High pressure effects greater than two atmospheres of oxygen are on the central nervous system Improper decompression results in the accumulation of nitrogen in the blood Air is not listed in the IARC NTP or by OSHA as a carcinogen or potential carcinogen Persons in ill health where such illness would be aggravated by exposure to high pressure air should not be allowed to work with or handle this product Recommended First Aid Treatment Facilities or practices at which air is breathed in a high pressure environment should be prepared to deal with the illnesses associated with decompression bends or caisson disease Decompression equipment may be required SECTION 3 PHYSICAL DATA Boiling Point 317 8 F 194 3 C Liquid Density at Boiling Point 54 56 lb ft3 874 kg m3

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