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Survey of State of the art in Inter VM Communication Mechanisms Jian Wang September 27 2009 Abstract Advances in virtualization technology have focused mainly on strengthening the isolation barrier between virtual machines VMs that are coresident within a single physical machine At the same time a large category of communication intensive distributed applications and software components exist such as web services high performance grid applications transaction processing and graphics rendering that often wish to communicate across this isolation barrier with other endpoints on coresident VMs This report presents a survey of the state of the art research that aims to improve communication between applications on colocated virtual machines These efforts can be classified under two broad categories a shared memory approaches that bypass the traditional network communication datapath to improve both latency and throughput of communication b improvements to CPU scheduling algorithms at the hypervisor level that address the latency requirements of inter VM communication We describe the state of the art approaches in these two categories compare and contrast their benefits and drawbacks and outline open research problems in this area 1 Introduction Virtual Machines VMs are rapidly finding their way into data centers enterprise service platforms high performance computing HPC clusters and even end user desktop environments The primary attraction of VMs is their ability to provide functional and performance isolation across applications and services that share a common hardware platform VMs improve the system wide utilization efficiency provide live migration for load balancing and lower the overall operational cost of the system Hypervisor also sometimes called the virtual machine monitor is the software entity which enforces isolation across VMs residing within a single physical machine often in coordination with hardware assists and other trusted software components For

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