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HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDICATORS Note on statistics in the Human Development Report 141 What do the human development indices reveal 147 I MONITORING HUMAN DEVELOPMENT ENLARGING PEOPLE S CHOICES 1 Human development index 157 2 Gender related development index 161 3 Gender empowerment measure 165 4 Human poverty in developing countries 169 5 Human poverty in OECD Eastern Europe and the CIS 172 6 Comparisons of human development indices 174 7 Trends in human development and per capita income 178 8 Trends in human development and economic growth 182 II TO LEAD A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE 9 Progress in survival 186 10 Health profile 190 III TO ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE 11 Education profile 194 12 Access to information flows 198 IV TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE RESOURCES NEEDED FOR A DECENT STANDARD OF LIVING 13 Economic performance 202 14 Macroeconomic structure 206 15 Resource flows 210 16 Resource use 214 17 Aid flows from DAC member countries 218 18 Aid and debt by recipient country 219 V WHILE PRESERVING IT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS 19 Demographic trends 223 20 Energy use 227 21 Environmental profile 231 22 Managing the environment 235 VI ENSURING HUMAN SECURITY 23 Food security and nutrition 237 24 Job security 241 25 Profile of political life 243 26 Crime 247 27 Personal distress 251 VII AND ACHIEVING EQUALITY FOR ALL WOMEN AND MEN 28 Gender and education 255 29 Gender and economic activity 259 30 Gender work burden and time allocation 263 31 Women s political participation 264 32 BASIC INDICATORS FOR OTHER UN MEMBER COUNTRIES Technical note 269 Primary statistical references 274 Definitions of statistical terms 277 Classification of countries 283 Index to indicators 287 Countries and regions that have produced human development reports 290 268 NOTE ON STATISTICS IN THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT Statistics provide objective information on trends in human development and inputs for the analysis of critical policy issues Thus although the Human Development Report is not a statistical

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