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Basic Plan Tab 1 GLOSSARY OF TERMS Alternate Emergency Operations Center AEOC An established location to evacuate to in the event that the primary EOC is not available due to natural or man made causes Amateur Radio Emergency Services ARES Volunteer amateur radio operators who support state and local governments with amateur radio transmission support during times of emergencies American Red Cross ARC A volunteer organization that works closely with government at all levels in planning for and providing assistance to disaster victims The ARC operates under a Congressional charter All of its disaster assistance is based on verified disastercaused need and is outright grant from donations from the American people Applicant The state or local government submitting a project application or request for direct federal assistance under the Stafford Act or on whose behalf the Governor s Authorized Representative takes such action Attack Warning Signal A three to five minute wavering tone on sirens or short blasts on horns or other devices repeated as necessary It means that an actual attack against this country has been detected and that protective action should be taken immediately As a matter of national defense policy THE ATTACK WARNING SIGNAL SHALL BE USED FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE AND HAVE NO OTHER MEANINGS Bio terrorism A deliberate attack on humans animals or plants using a contagious or poisonous agent Board of County Commissioners BOCC Governing body of public officials elected within a county Casualty A person injured and needing treatment or killed because of technological or natural disaster Civil Air Patrol CAP An auxiliary of the U S Air Force that has volunteered to conduct various emergency services missions These missions are mainly the use of light aircraft in Search and Rescue SAR Civil Defense CD and disaster relief operations Colorado Crime Information Center CCIC The computer system with terminals in most law enforcement and communications agencies in

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