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CONSTRUCTION PROJECT FINAL INSPECTION The Final Inspector shall review the plans notes and applicable specifications and then inspect the full length of the project The following items should be addressed during the final inspection Item Checked Safety Are the following items adequately provided for Items may be checked by randomly selected sections rather than inspecting all affected routes General Proper guardrail end treatment and length of need Safe slopes and ditch configurations Signs and pavement markings permanent and temporary in accordance with MUTCD Clear zone free of hazardous obstacles Item Roadway Drainage Structures General Rideability If the project involves new pavement resurfacing bridge replacement or a bridge overlay it must be checked to see if it meets the applicable contract surface tolerance requirements If the surface tolerances do not meet the contract requirements the project must not be accepted Drainage The pavements a random selection of underdrains ditches conduits catch basins and other items must have positive drainage and be free of obstructions Structures Bridges must be checked for all items which constitute the completed structure both above and below the deck Erosion Control Roadside items must be checked to see that all erosion control items have been placed or established Checked Item Materials Checked General Materials testing inspection procedures if observed being performed properly and at appropriate frequency Who performs materials testing Where is it done Are test reports available or on file Is assurance testing being performed By whom Are materials testing reports on file compaction bituminous density etc Are all material sources certified approved Project Records Item Are project records in proper order Checked Is the project diary current and on hand Who filled it out Are entries properly made What is the overall quality of work workmanship Who performed field inspections Other Project Records Item Is monthly

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