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ARNOLDIA A continuation of the BULLETIN OF POPULAR INFORMATION of the Arnold Arboretum Harvard University VOLUME 4 DF CEMBER 8 1944 NUMBERS 9 11I AVAILABLE RAPID GROVfIN VINES FOR THE UNITED STATES a very essential part in any garden and rapid growing vines are desired for some particular purpose which no other plant material will fulfill Sometimes they are needed only temporarily other times they are needed permanently Rapid growingines are notalways the most ornamental but since their number is rather large some of the best will be found among them Nor are the most ornamental vines always the easiest to obtain Rapid growing vines that are easily obtainable are very much of interest and are in demand throughout the country Consequently this number of Arnoldia deals with those rapid growing vines easily obtainable that are recommended in different areas of the C nited States They may not all be of prime ornamental value when x3C ompared with some of the rarer ones but their rapid habit of growth makes them of considerable value for certain screening purposes The information in this issue of Arnoldia is taken from a report prepared a short time ago when there was a great deal of interest in the camouflaging of various installations in this country both public and private Various horticulturists t mndely separated parts of the country contributed information on the play VINES frequently Missouri Botanical Garden St Louis Missouri W H Friend Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Weslaco Texas Norvell Gillespie O C D San Francisco California John Hanley University of Washington Arboretum Seattle Washington A C Jordahn The Coconut Grove Palmetum Coconut Grove Florida E L Kammerer Morton Arboretum Lisle Illinois H K McMinn Mills College Oakland California H B Parks Texas Agricultural Experiment Station San Antonio Texas H W Shepard School of Landscape Architecture University of California Berkeley California Maunsell Van ttensselaer Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Santa

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