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BONJOUR CANADA A CASE STUDY OF THE 1995 2000 LOUISIANA PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN TO ATTRACT CANADIAN VISITORS TO LOUISIANA A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Mass Communication in The Manship School of Mass Communication by Bonnie Anne Bauman B A Southeastern Louisiana University 1997 May 2005 TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT iii CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 5 Tourism 5 Public Relations and the Travel Tourism Industry 6 Cultural Tourism 19 Summary 32 3 METHODOLOGY 33 Data Collection Technique 34 Data Analysis 35 4 BACKGROUND 36 The Acadian Cajun Connection 36 The Acadians of Eastern Canada 36 The Cajuns of South Louisiana 38 5 RESULTS THE CAMPAIGN 43 Step One Opportunity Defined 43 Step Two Making a Plan 48 Step Three Action 55 Step Four Program Evaluation 70 6 CONCLUSION 75 REFERENCES 90 APPENDIX A INTERVIEW GUIDE 93 B INTERVIEW 2 95 VITA 100 ii ABSTRACT The research undertaken in this study explores five years of the Louisiana Office of Tourism s public relations campaign to attract Canadian visitors to Louisiana The study considers how the campaign s organizers used the cultural bond between Frenchspeaking Canadians and Louisiana to attract Canadians to Louisiana The study also examines how important the public relations strategy of highlighting the cultural bond between host and tourist was in attracting Canadian visitors to the state In addition the study uncovers whether or not campaign organizers considered the impact their campaign would have on Louisiana s Cajun citizenry The research method employed was the case study method Interviews were conducted with campaign organizers and a case description was used to organize and analyze the data The findings of the study show that the campaign s planners segmented the Canadian market into two distinct demographics French speaking Canadians and English

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