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MILE Corpus Tools Documentation Language Technologies Institute Spring 2006 1 Introduction The Minor Language Elicitation MILE Corpus Creation toolkit is a set of software tools designed to aid in the building of Elicitation Corpora An elicitation corpus is a set of monolingual sentences written in a major language designed to elicit the morphosyntactic makeup of the translation language The current framework is designed to be language neutral That is the elicitation corpus is designed to be written in any source language and can be used to elicit any target language The elicitation corpus is a highly structured set of English sentences Each sentence represents a meaning or combination of meanings that we want to elicit from a speaker of an LCTL HLT PAPER An example sentence can be found in figure 1 The underlying meaning of an elicitation sentence is encoded in a feature structure A feature structure is a multi level collection of feature value pairs that correspond to each phrase that has a syntactic head In our formalism each phrase that has a syntactic head is given a label MT SUMMIT Each feature value pair is made of a feature for example animacy polarity or lexical aspect followed by a specified value Polarity for instance has two values positive and negative For further information on features and values please see the section 2 Additionally a context field accompanies each elicitation sentence The context field is used to specify information in the feature structure that is not represented in the feature structure This helps to overcome differences between two languages that encode different pieces of meaning morphosyntactically For example some languages grammaticalize power or solidarity levels between the speaker and the listener Because this information is absent from ordinary English sentences the context field is used to make this information available to the translator Together these three pieces represent each elicitation sentence that makes up the

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