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Open Source Private Clouds A Chimera Key Factors for Successful Deployments Thenalapadi S Mohan PhD 9 March 2011 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited USC CSSE ARR 2011 2010 Infosys Technologies Limited Overview Large Few Cloud Service Vendors strait jacketed offerings Does it satisfy all customers Open source Private Clouds Transitory phenomenon 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited 2 What is the Difference Major Cloud Service Offerings vs Need for Private Clouds Shortcomings of Existing Public Cloud Services Security Vendor Lock in Interoperability portability Multi Tenancy Five Nines SLAs Policies Customizability Loss of Control Legacy Systems Monopoly Vendors All Incumbents HP IBM AT T etc are betting on Private Hybrid Clouds 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited 3 The Open Source Private Cloud EcoSystems within the Enterprises Managing the Strategic Use of IT and Information within the Enterprise Scale SLAs Policies Interoperability Client Smart Devices Infrastructure as a Service Eucalyptus OpenNebula OpenStack etc Public Cloud Services Firmware Android etc Software as a Service Private Cloud Platform as a Service Private Cloud 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited 4 OpenSource Private Clouds What are they Key Characteristics Satisfy Organization Specific Needs Limited Transactionality Custom Scale using existing resources Custom Security Policies internal to organization Custom SLAs for units within Data Security Analytics and Information Privacy Controlled Environment Patching etc Better Organizational IT Strategy Alignment Opensource Cloudonomics at work Several Success Stories Eucalyptus OpenNebula OpenStack And Hadoop Flip Side Interoperability and portability into Big Player s cloud services Limited Successes IT Departments of Enterprises in using Legacy Data Centers and IT Resources Typically immature approaches 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited 5 Open Source Private Clouds A Chimera The BigSwitch Contradiction Parallels from the world of Evolution of the generation

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