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3 8 09 Reflection of Perfection 1 Motivate Use the Salt Quiz to introduce the significance of salt in world history 2 Transition Today we look at how Jesus used the idea of salt to emphasize how believers can affect the surrounding world 3 Bible Study 3 1 Be Effective in Our World What are some qualities of salt how do we use it flavor food preservative can be used to keep down dust on a road melts ice lowers temperature of ice water Listen for what Jesus says about problems with salt Matthew 5 13 NIV You are the salt of the earth But if the salt loses its saltiness how can it be made salty again It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled by men What did Jesus say about when salt becomes worthless loses its saltiness cannot be made salty again might as well throw it out use it to cover a pathway We might wonder about how salt loses its saltiness sodium chloride will always taste salty The problem was not the absence of the salt but the mixture with chemical impurities In what ways do believers today lose their value to society by becoming mixed with impurities become so earthly minded we are no heavenly good we acquire a worldly mindset our values are not based on scripture we fill our minds with too much earthly entertainment people cannot see any difference in our lives due to our faith we look and act like one of them too worried about what people think about us motivated by materialistic attitudes worried about political correctness know scriptural principles but do not heed them 1 3 8 09 Reflection of Perfection What are some issues prevalent in today s society in which the preservative nature of Christian faith is desperately needed abortion the content of entertainment violence horror sexuality too much emphasis on political correctness the push for excluding religion from public life so called separation of church and state the push for tolerance which is really intolerance for Christianity gay rights influence of homosexual

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